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3rd November 2018





Rules & Adjudication

  • The Nuclear Challenge will be a fair race.
  • The Nuclear Challenge will be chip timed.
  • The Nuclear Challenge will have Mandatory & Penalty Obstacles.
  • All mandatory obstacles are marked with an M, Mandatory obstacles must be completed and these make up 80% of all the obstacles. These are all achievable and multiple attempts are permitted.
  • The remaining 20% of obstacles are our signature obstacles, which are more technical in nature, you will only have one genuine attempt (any non-genuine attempt may incur a time penalty).

These obstacles:

Will be filmed.

Have an adjudicator from outside the community as well as a marshal.

Have a penalty loop for non-completion.

  • Penalty loops will be designed to take approximately 3-4 times longer to complete than the obstacle you failed and designed to work the same muscle groups. Penalty loops will have their own marshals. Penalty loops incurred by females may have shortened distances or lighter weights where appropriate.
  • Nuclear Step-ups will be provided on appropriate obstacles in relation to a runner’s height (failure on an obstacle should not factor in the inability to reach it). The intention is not to give help or an unfair advantage to complete an obstacle but rather allow those who need it to be able to get to the position to be able to attempt the obstacle.
  • Obstacles to be completed as directed by marshals.
  • Complaints about “fairness and other competitors” must be made 15 minutes after completion of the race. The Race Director’s decision is final.
  • For the sake of fairness and recognition all competitors are to have their names (2” clear lettering) on the back of their t shirts and visible at all times during the race. Nuclear can provide a branded technical personalized tee on sign up for £10. No name no race!
  • No race bib numbers.
  • The course will be accessible between 11.00 and 4.00 on the day before the race for inspection and practice in groups of two or more runners. The course risk assessment will also be available for inspection.
  • Female racers will start 10 minutes after the male start to allow equal video coverage for both sexes.
  • The start area will have heated tents for warm up pre-race. Runners will be expected to warm themselves up.
  • Nuclear Fallout non-competitive waves will start 50 minutes after the Nuclear Challenge Cup Race start.
  • The amount of mud and water will be limited to allow the obstacles to be as achievable as possible. Sawdust will be available as and when appropriate. Competitors should expect an obstacle heavy course rather than a trail run.
  • Finish line t-shirt & medal for all
1st Prize

Perpetual engraved Nuclear Challenge Cup

Take home Challenge Cup trophy


Race-day podium presentation

HQ & race-village leaderboard recognition

One 2018 Nuclear Season Pass

£200 Nuclear shop voucher

2nd Prize


Race-day podium presentation

*£500 prize money + two 2018 Nuclear race tickets

£150 Nuclear shop voucher

3rd Prize


Race-day podium presentation

*£250 prize money

One 2018 Nuclear race ticket

£100 Nuclear shop voucher

1st Prize

One 2018 Nuclear Season Pass

Bespoke Medal Holder

2nd Prize

Two 2018 Nuclear race tickets

3rd Prize

One 2018 Nuclear race ticket

The Nuclear Challenge Cup:

  1. *PRIZE MONEY – minimum first prize value £1001 female, £1000 male.  Monetary amount could increase depending on participant numbers
  2. Will be the final Mudstacle Summer League Race
  3. Winners & results of the age group races will be announced after Challenge Cup race-day & prizes sent on afterwards
  4. Is not included in the 2017 Season Pass but the option to upgrade Season Pass to include the competitive Challenge Cup is available – email
  5. Can not be used in conjunction with the Nuclear Dryrobe/2XU offer
  6. Is not included in any early bird offers
  7. Minimum age to enter is 17yrs

When competing in a Nuclear Event you will need to agree to our terms and conditions