Nuclear Rush & Onslaught

16 May 2015

Brentwood, Essex


Choose from 6km or 12km course distances over ultra-gritty, properly muddy, obstacle-loaded farmland set in the heart of the Secret Bunker Estate.

Nuclear is well known for delivering award winning events with big, high quality man-made obstacles designed to challenge and test every ability of fitness on fast-paced, flowing, punishing courses over epic natural, varied terrain.

Course layout is never the same, so the Nuclear experience is always crammed with surprises and exhilaration.

We’re different at Nuclear.  Expect unexpected twists, turns, a sense of humour and the unknown.

Taking part in Rush is challenging however you don’t have to be super-fit and you can enter as a team or individually. Camaraderie from the #nuclearfamily will make sure you reach the finish line no matter what your fitness ability. Be prepared to have fun and to find your fire!


Onslaught is for the fastest & fittest over the main 6k or 12k course. It’s the first wave of the day with limited spaces & the opportunity to win cash prizes.

"100% recommend nuclear to anyone. Fantastic obstacles, atmosphere and people."

- Karen Ward

What to expect

  • A choice of course distances, either 6km or 12km.
  • Waves will be made up of 6km and 12km runners at the start until the courses split
  • The 6km race contains over 30 high quality obstacles whereas the 12km race contains over 50 high quality obstacles. Both course distances will test all over body strength
  • Ultra-gritty obstacles and muddy terrain
  • Every entrant is chip timed
  • All entrants receive a 2015 Nuclear Rush Survivor medal and 2015 Technical t-shirt
  • Course design and layout changes with every race
  • The minimum age for the 6km Rush course is 13 years
  • The minimum age for the 12km Rush course is 17 years
  • This is not a lap race
  • Start times are staggered, approximately 400 per wave
  • Water depth is no more than 4-5’
  • Mains connected water stations on the courses and in the event village.
  • Ample free grass field parking next to the event village
  • Large event village with family entertainment, music, good food, BOOM Bar, toilets, trade stands, Nuclear Races Kit Shop, toilets, party vibe and atmosphere
  • Spectator viewing in and around race event village
  • Large bag drop
  • Heated changing tents and warm wash-down facilities
  • Pre- and post-race sports massages for an additional charge
  • Challenging, tough and fun but suitable for all fitness abilities
  • Camaraderie and teamwork and to get stuck in!
  • Limited camping facilities
  • On site emergency medics and fully health and safety checked course


Rush 6km & 12km

1st place: Trophy (Male & Female)

2nd place: Trophy (Male & Female)

3rd place: Trophy (Male & Female)

All participants:  Medal and T-shirt


Onslaught wave 6km & 12km

1st place: £250 and a trophy (Male & Female)

2nd place: £150 and a trophy (Male & Female)

3rd place: £100 and a trophy (Male & Female)

All participants:  Medal and T-shirt

Wave Booking Status

9:30am Onslaught 6km & 12km


10:00am Rush 6km & 12km


10:30am Rush 6km & 12km


11:00am Rush 6km & 12km


11:30am Rush 6km & 12km


12:00pm Rush 6km & 12km


12:30pm Rush 6km & 12km


13:00pm Rush 6km & 12km


13:30pm Rush 6km & 12km


Start Location