Nuclear Blackout – 2017

Review by Ben’s Zone


‘  I’m 40, it’s Saturday night and I am standing in a field in Essex in shorts and a T shirt, what in the name of all that’s sane am I doing? Preparing to have the best fun I’ve had all month is what I was doing. Nuclear Races are a massive name in the OCR scene and very well regarded but not a race I’ve done before due to the mission to Essex. Man, I’m glad I did this time.

I signed up for Nuclear Blackout earlier on in the year. The format is very simple, as many laps of the 5k track that you can do in 2 hours. The event runs in the daytime (along with a ‘rookies’ event for kids) and is known as Nuclear Blast. In the evening, as the darkness falls the race runs again as Nuclear Blackout.  Blackout is an OCR with a twist, it’s run in the pitch black with competitors seeing their way through by head torch alone. Yes, total darkness, think I’m kidding?  The marshals have cowbells to let you know they’re there.

Organisation for the event is among some of the best I have seen.

What I remember was the sense of fun, the balance between nice natural obstacles and trail running and ingenious set piece obstacles and the real focus on making this a great OCR experience for everyone concerned. They hit the mark squarely on that one. Despite it being a mission drive for me I’ve already signed up for next year. I’ve got a fair few events already booked in but if I can shoehorn in another OCR then another Nuclear is going to be top of my list. For sure, I’ll be doing the Blackout yearly now.

Loved it. ‘

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