Nuclear Reviews

Hear it here first!

Blackout Review 2017 - Ben's Zone

I’m 40, it’s Saturday night and I am standing in a field in Essex in shorts and a T shirt, what in the name of all that’s sane am I doing?….more

Blast Review 2017 - Adventures of Gemma

Nuclear Races are known for award winning fun; relentless amounts of mud over undulating terrain with numerous obstacles in between….more

Fallout 2016 Review - Andy Does Nuclear For The First Time

Top Notch, Well Designed and Beautiful. I hadn’t been avoiding Nuclear Races, I had just always been elsewhere…more

Rush 2016 Review - Muddy Races

If the level of mud is an indicator of a good race, then Nuclear Rush would have to score top marks!. …more

UK OCR Championships Review – A Theatre of Emotions

Last Saturday on a rainy November day in a muddy field in Essex, history was made. Nuclear Races hosted the first UK OCR Championships and this wasn’t merely the first one in the UK. …more

Neil’s Nuclear Fallout 2015 Review

What a week it’s been.  The training plan is going as best as it can though this week has been a sod ME-wise.  The fatigue has been immense and I’ve been in a lot of pain.  Just getting to work …more

Nuclear Oblivion

My 2nd ever marathon and it was proving to be harder than my first. Which I didn’t think was possible, considering it was The Eliminator Race …more

Nuclear Blast & Blackout - Muddy Races

Nuclear Blast And Blackout Review – One Day, Two Epic Race.

Nuclear Races have long been a must do event for me …more

Nuclear Races: Blast Event 19/9/2015