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Standards & qualification criteria have evolved in the last 12 months & the OCRWC require us to implement stronger qualifying regulations.

If you want to be considered for OCRWC 2018 qualification at Rush Weekend on 19th or 20th May you have to register with Nuclear prior to the race.

Follow these simple instructions to do it:

  1. Go into your Nuclear Rush email confirmation (you can reprint/send your confirmation email & check you by using the links)
    Saturday 19th May  
    Sunday 20th May
  2. Select MANAGE MY BOOKING followed by EDIT
  3. TICK the box for qualification
  4. Go to the bottom of the page & SAVE

This registration option is available until midnight 11th May after which; no matter what your race-day time you will not be eligible for qualification.


  • All 12k waves at Rush 2018 are OCR World Championship qualifiers.
  • Only 13-17 yr old racers in any 7k wave can attempt qualification for the OCRWC.
  • For qualifying criteria, visit the World’s website here.
  • Each day will have it’s own results & qualifying places
  • If you’re attempting qualification, this is a self-adjudicating race.
  • Attempting qualifiers must wear a bib which must be collected at the registration area. The bibs identify entrants who’re attempting to qualify & haven’t been disqualified, retired or decided to run non-competitively.
  • To compete as a qualifier competitor: obstacles must not be missed out. Multiple attempts are permitted but if continuously unsuccessful a one minute time-out penalty must be taken – you’ll be required to pick up & hold a timer at arms length before moving on. If you wish to withdraw from qualifying while on the course, remove your bib & leave it at an obstacle with a marshal.

Be honest with yourself & other competitors
& remember the power of social media.

There will be a number of roaming adjudicators on the course over the weekend,
they will report any qualifier competitors not abiding by the rules.

All Qualifiers MUST have their photo taken at the finish zone photo wall
with their bib on & afterwards leave it in the bin provided there.